Shimetta Ampoule Moisturizer

Resilient and Radiant all day long

YOUNGECHA SHIMETTA AMPOULE MOISTURIZER helps to stimulate facial micro-circulation, eliminate the deposition of pigments & sediments caused by blood circulation rings. Reduce wrinkles & old spots, black spot & replenish water quickly to the skin to make your skin resilient and radiant all day long.

Multiple nutrients act on cell regeneration, inhibiting the transmission of melanin production information, anti-aging & skin-energy-supplemented.
Refreshing & activating essence helps to eliminate false skin wrinkles & aging wrinkles also generate a healthy skin from within.

It can endure moisture & improve the moisture level. Easily absorbed by skin, make it feels dewy but not sticky. Peony flowers aroma makes the daily care more comfortable
Has passed skin sensitivity test (but not mean that all people will not have allergic reaction).

Direction to use:
General usage as the final step of morning & evening care. Use your fingertips to take a pearl-sized amount of the gel, massage over the entire face evenly and carefully including skin around eyes.
For morning use, please apply the UV skincare after using the gel.

Refreshing & activating essence (Caviar Extract, Juniper Berries), Salvia Extract, Silk Peptide Protein, Vitamin B5 & Collagen

– Store away from direct sunlight & high temperature
– Keep out of reach of children
– Cover the lid after use

KKM No.: NOT171100661K

40ml RM45

*Price shown not including postage